Connecticut has it’s fair share of swanky hotels all over the state. It’s always nice to splurge and spend a night in one of these really nice hotels. But you know what would be even more exciting than that? Spending a night inside an airplane hanger style cottage with a 17,000 pound restored 1958 U.S. Coast Guard Sikorsky Sea King Pelican HH3F.




I mean, how cool is this?! Your kitchenette, TV, and bar are right in side the chopper!





I might book a room here this weekend by myself just for bits.





You can find this amazing Helicopter getaway room at the very cool Winvian Resort in Litchfield Hills. It’s a 113-acre quiet getaway style resort right on the edge of all the woods and lakes in the area. The place was built as a way to get away from everything and recharge a bit. Which by the looks of these photos I would imagine that is exactly what would happen.





You can find out more here if you would like to book a room in this insanely cool chopper room


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