If you haven’t already noticed by seeing tables at every grocery store, Girl Scout cookie season is in full swing. And, many have flocked to get their hands on their favorites — Thin Mints, Samoas, and Tagalongs.

But, there’s a new flavor in town. That is the s’more flavors. They were introduced in the 2017 cookie lineup, and thankfully, are returning this year.

However, there’s not one, but two different kinds of cookies. The first one pays tribute to the classic s’mores treat with a graham cracker cookie with chocolate and marshmallow filling. The second is a crispy graham cracker with marshmallows on top and covered with chocolate.

I can tell you from experience that both kinds are delicious.

According to an article in the New York Times entitled One Cookie, 2 Versions, the reason why there two different cookies is because there are two manufactures that make Girl Scout cookies — ABC Bakeries in Richmond, VA and Little Brownie Bakers in Louisville, KY — with each bakery taking its own spin on the cookie. The article goes onto state that the graham cracker cookies are produced by Little Brownie Bakers, while the crispy ones are produced by ABC Bakeries.

The article says the reason why there’s two bakeries is to help meet the demand. According to the article, Girl Scouts sells two million boxes of cookies a year. That’s a lot of delicious cookies if you ask me.

With that being said, these cookies were created with two things in mind — tradition and to meet consumer demand.

According to a press release from the Girl Scout website entitled Girl Scouts of the USA Announces Two New Girl Scout S’mores™ Cookies for 2017 Lineup, these cookies were developed in “response to popular consumer trends,” going onto state that they are the first of their kind in the cookie lineup. The Girl Scout cookie creators have been doing that a lot in their recent cookie additions. For instance, a few years ago, they added gluten free cookies to the mix.

But, these cookies also celebrate the traditions of Girl Scouts as they celebrate over a 100 years selling cookies. Girl Scout Interim CEO Sylvia Acevedo said in the press release that “it’s only natural to celebrate it with a new cookie flavor that ties to our heritage and captures the adventurous, take-charge, and civic-minded spirit of our girls.”

Acevedo also added that these cookies capture “the adventurous spirit, love of the outdoors and the feeling of community that are synonymous with Girl Scouts.” The press release states that the tradition of making s’mores actually became popular with the Girl Scouts. Therefore, it’s pretty fitting that they introduce a cookie that mirrors a s’more sandwich.

With that being said, these cookies are the first of their kind to be introduced in the cookie lineup. However, they are still delicious — in fact, I think that they may beat Thin Mints as being my new favorite cookies. I got my box of them on Monday, and three days later, I have half of a box left. In fact, I’m contemplating a trip to my local cookie booth this weekend for an additional box.

Therefore, I guess I’ll take s’more of them please.

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