As horrible as everything in the news has been lately it’s a pretty damn good time to be a writer for Saturday Night Live. Last weekend’s episode with James Franco was proof of this and easily one of the better shows of the year.

As good as Saturday’s show was is it possible that it could have been even better?

SNL sketches get cut for a all sorts of different reasons. Mostly for time. It is a live show after all, so I get that. But when a sketch us funny, smart, edgy and topical as this one hits the cutting room floor it’s a real shame. (you’re telling me that terrible Troll Bridge sketch was better than THIS?! Come on)

The sketch that got cut was called Morning News. The premise being a goofy happy morning TV show in greater St. Louis having to stick to their script on the morning after the protests in Ferguson.


Just a brilliant, well written, laugh-out-loud sketch. Thank god for YouTube.

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