The nightmare continues.

There’s more snow in the forecast for Connecticut, according to The Hartford Courant, and while the total amounts will be pretty negligible, the straw – er, snowflake – that broke the camel’s – er, Connecicut-er’s – back came a long time.

Today? On March 27? Get out.

If you tell me on Friday, March 27 that there is snow in the weekend forecast after the winter we’ve had, you had better be the most mean-spirited prankster in the world because one solitary speck of new snow is unacceptable.

And yet, here we are. More snow is coming and there’s literally nothing we can do about it. We will be sad. We will be angry. We will be all sorts of things and none of them will make the snow go away faster or the spring come any sooner. We are stuck at the mercy of Mother Nature.

All the while, everyone else living in every other corner of this planet is soaking up the final days of the warmest winter ever.

So if by some miracle you’re not tired, broken, and weeping yet, winter is coming back to finish the job tomorrow.

This is one of those days when we wished snow had feelings so we could hurt them, over and over, forever.

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