I tried my hardest all summer and into fall to not utter the four letter “s” word. Desperately trying to avoid the jinx of a dreadful early white winter.

This may have been all a waste of time now because Accuweather.com is predicting cold weather for the northeast this weekend that could produce… wait for it… possible SNOWFLAKES!


WHAT?! Come on! We haven’t even had a chance to pick out our Halloween costumes yet and we already have to worry about snow?! Winter isn’t supposed to start for another 2 months!



I don’t like it. At all.

The only upside is that hopefully this means the snowboarding season is going to start A LOT earlier this year. I could be talked into a Halloween or Thanksgiving snowboard trip. You know what? Maybe I actually DO want the early snow after all. Bring it on!!


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