Well, that dream of a White New Year’s Eve will come true.  So, if you want to start 2018 off with a shovel in hand, the stars aligned just for you.  There be plenty of snow heading our way.

Newtown Daily Voice reports that this particular storm will complicate our holiday travelling, unfortunately.  As of now, the official call is for 1 to 2 inches of snow on the ground New Year’s Eve.

So, if you plan on spending the day celebrating the end of 2017, conditions will start deteriorating in the afternoon.  The snow should taper off for a bit, then come back for round two in the evening.

Double dose of snow, 2017’s final punch in the throat to us.  Because, not only do we deal with snow, the frigid temperatures will make sure it sticks around for a while.  Forecasters call it a “reinforced cold” front.  Lovely, right?

Yep, ice will definitely play a factor on the roads.  So, send positive thoughts to our plows who will spend the holiday keeping us safe on the streets.

And, also, to our first responders who have to deal with DUI checkpoints on top of bad road conditions.

Also, if you plan on spending NYE in Times Square… maybe you shouldn’t.  This year looks to become one of the top five coldest on record with temps hitting the single digits.  On top of that, those arctic blasts will chill things even more.

All in all, exercise caution on Sunday.   Chilly, cold, and lots of snow.

Goodbye 2017, it’s been real.

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