True story?  Look, we all know and love Gordon Ramsay for his crass British behavior.  I mean, his insults sound so charming when said with a posh accent.

Anyways, Gordon Ramsay has a TV series called Hotel Hell.  You know, it’s kinda like Kitchen Nightmares?  But in this series, he tries to save a far larger damsel in distress while dealing with a lot more people.  Sometimes, he even has to deal with higher forces.

So, back in 2014, he boarded the once sinking ship known as the Curtis House Inn in Woodbury.  Apparently, the historic Litchfield County landmark was crumbling at the foundations and only a miracle could save it.

Just the way Chef Ramsay likes it.  So, obviously, he began his stay by immediately lamenting on their terrible Mother’s Day spread.

After quietly seething over his inedible meal and berating the chef, he goes to his room to see that it’s worse than the meal!  Like, there’s dead bugs everywhere.  Regardless, he continued to devise his complicated plan of attack that will save the failing inn.

However, there was one problem that threatened his conquest.  A spirit named Betty kept locking him in his room.

Yeah, turns out the staff boarded him in the inn’s most haunted room, which I can only assume it was because the producer demanded even more drama.  Seriously, what’s more dramatic than warring siblings?  Obviously, it’s the supernatural.

Anyways, Chef Ramsay managed to solve the issue.  Turns out, Betty just need a little heart-to-heart to end her reign of terror.  Still, must have been a great learning experience on the do’s and don’ts of getting haunted.

So, in a matter of five or so days, Gordon Ramsay saved the Curtis Inn.  He introduced in new menus, updated the decor, and mended the Inn’s broken family.  Seriously, what a hero!  This man is tireless.

Check out the episode:


Hotel Hell Season 2 Episode 7 – Curtis House by pedsta83

So, the Curtis Inn is gearing up for Mother’s Day.  So, if you want to taste a menu and behold the decor that was inspired by the world’s most feared celebrity chef, maybe you should book a reservation.

Or, you can just go to check out the ghost that gave Gordon Ramsay hell.  That works, too.

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