So, stop me if you heard this one: “Congratulations!  You won a free cruise to the Bahamas!”  Because, if you did, you could line your pockets with cold-hard settlement money!

Yep, someone dragged that sorry robocall company to court.  And WON.  So, all of us affected by their reign of terror could get up to $900 to compensate for our pain and suffering.

Fox 61 reports that a class action lawsuit dragged Resort Marketing Group (RMG) to court.  The plaintiffs claimed that Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line authorized the company to make the calls.  Since, you know, they did promise cruises on their behalf.

Although the company claimed the calls were “travel services,” the lawsuit says otherwise.  In fact, the litigators claimed RMG violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.

Knowing they’d probably lose in court, the company folded and settled for  $7 million.  However, the price tag can go uo to $12.5 million depending on how many people step forward with their grievances.

Each call from RMG is worth up to $300 in your pocket, but you can only claim up to 3 calls.  AKA, the maximum you can get is $900.  Which isn’t bad if you think about it.

Sure, $900 is a paltry offering compared to the years of aggravation RMG imposed upon us.  But, you won’t see us complaining about it.

So, if you received a “free cruise” call between July 2009 and March 2014, money could be coming your way.  The lawsuit listed all the numbers affected by their reign of terror, so click HERE to see if you’re eligible.

Just be sure you submit your info before the deadline, which is November 3rd.

So, did you ever get a call saying you won a free cruise?  Did anyone actually try to claim their free cruise, anyway?  I’m curious to see if anyone took the bait.

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