Monday a preppy looking guy starting a bunch of small fires in the Yale Bookstore and then walked out. Why? Who knows.

The most intriguing part of this investigation is trying to figure out if he’s a Yale student or not. I’m 100 percent convinced he is. Let’s review:

1) His motive.

Going to school can sometimes be terrible and college textbooks cost way too much money.


2) His glasses.

He’s described as a “young, thin black man with glasses and closely cropped hair”. Glasses = smart right? We all know the answer to that. (I have glasses on right now, so my theory is naturally true.)


3) His clothes.

If this isn’t definitive proof I don’t know what is. He was wearing a blue polo shirt with a white vest over it, white pants and sneakers. It really doesn’t get more Yale than that.


Case closed.

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