Over the last few months, we have collectively watched as Connecticut slowly dried up like a raisin. First there were drought advisories. Then there were forecasts saying the drought wouldn’t end for several more months. Most recently, six of Connecticut’s counties were put under something called “drought watch,” which sounds like those counties might just get so dry they up and disappear.

And at that point, really, how much worse could it get? We’re low on water. They’ve issued all the appropriate alarms. We just need to cut back and do some rain dances.


Things just got worse, with WTNH reporting that 44 percent of the state is in an “Extreme Drought,” the 2nd highest level of drought. Most places in Connecticut are between 6 and 13 inches behind their average rainfall, the report added.

I’m not usually one to panic, but this seems bad. Water is kind of important to human life and survival, so not having a lot of it could be a problem. Plus, things tend to feel scary when every map of Connecticut I see is some blood-like shade of red.

The only possible silver lining here is if it somehow means we get a warm-ish, snow-less winter. If that happens, I’ll deal with the drought.

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