Wait.  Wasn’t April Fools, like, two weeks ago?  Well, either this is a very late gag OR the impossible finally happened concerning our Governor’s approval rating.

Somehow, Governor Malloy’s popularity went up.  WFSB says he’s now the third most-hated Governor in the nation.  Wow.  He so must be patting himself on the back for climbing up one entire spot from last year.

Yep, he’s now more popular than Chris Christie and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback.   If it’s any consolation, he’s still the nation’s most hated Democratic Governor.

So, apparently this jump in the polls is all Donald Trump’s fault.  The current theory is that Governor Christie is dealing with a horrific approval rating is because he endorsed Trump.  That, and, Bridgegate.  So, that’s why Christie’s approval rating basically fell faster than a toddler wearing stilettos.

Also, Malloy’s overall disapproval rating got a boost.  He’s up to 66 percent from last year’s 64 percent.  Strangely, though, 29 percent of people now approve of Malloy’s job as Governor… which is up from a resounding 24 percent.

So, uh, I have no idea what to make of that particular fact- nugget.  Maybe more people formed an opinion since  last year?  Albeit, it’s definitely the wrong one.

Yeah, so now nearly a third of Connecticut thinks he’s doing a bang-up job.  Um, do they not realize this man is going to utterly destroy municipalities with his pension proposal?  Because, that’s what’s gonna happen.

Then again, maybe these jokers don’t even read the news.

Anyways, the most popular Governors this year are all Republican.   So, if you need a new state to call home, here’s where you should start looking at real estate.

Leading the pack this year Massachusetts’ Charlie Baker, Maryland’s Larry Hogan, and North Dakota’s Doug Burgum.

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