So, I’m in the mood for a hamburger – no, make that *THE* hamburger. And I decided to head over to New Haven and grab something over at Louis’ Lunch. I get there at around 11am – but, of course, since it was a Thursday, that means I had to wait until noon because I picked the wrong time to head over.

Regardless, I had plenty of time to kill and since all the ridiculous construction that’s happening on Crown Street meant I couldn’t park there, I parked on High Street. Right in front of Soul de Cuba, I found a great spot – behind a Subaru Impreza with the following license plate frame:


I’ve blurred the plate itself – but not the frame – because that’s what’s really important here. Who knew that such a thing existed? Who loves Rocko’s Modern Life that much in 2015 that they have the need to let everyone know it?

Someone I certainly want to hang out with, that’s who.

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