Dave Grohl made headlines last month when his band Foo Fighters played a one-off gig in Richmond, VA after some die hard Foo’s fans started a crowd funding campaign to get the band to play the small 1,500 person venue. The mayor even declared it Foo Fighters Day in the RVA.

While this was a really amazing moment for everyone in Richmond, Mr. Grohl  may have opened up the floodgates. Specifically right here in Connecticut.

The owners The Room, an all ages venue in Brookfield, CT, have penned an open letter to Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters:



Dear Dave, Taylor, Nate, Chris & Pat:
**** I’m reaching out to Foo Fighters to help make the improbable possible. I own and run a small all-ages music venue in Brookfield, CT called The Room (not far from NYC and we’ll get to that in a moment).
**** About five years ago my buddy, Jimmy, and I decided to open a rock club. Jimmy and I both have daughters, his, Madison was 14, and mine, Lily, was 5 at the time. We wanted to open a place where Lily could come see what Daddy does. A place parents would feel comfortable bringing, or even leaving kids like Madison and her friends for a few hours to enjoy some kick ass bands live on a stage. NOT YOUTUBE.
**** A lifelong musician myself, I remember far too well how tough it is to find a place to put on a great local show if you’re in a band and happen to be 15 years old. Having to rent out the local fire house only to be interrupted mid-song by A FIRE makes for a funny story at parties later in life, but nothing reminds you that you’re no rock star like “Okay boys, you can play now”, as the last firefighter out the door flips the overhead lights back off and you’re left trying to decide whether to start the song over again or just pick up where you left off. What we wouldn’t have given for a gig at an actual music venue that our friends and fans could come to make us feel like rock stars. We would’ve killed it in a place like The Room.
**** We each kicked in considerable funds (for us – we’re steamfitters – look it up, we don’t make much) and soon we found our place in Brookfield, a suburb of Danbury, CT. Not so soon after, we’d passed extensive town and state inspections and were ready to open. Depleted of our initial advertising budget before the doors ever opened we began with little fanfare and well…there we were. That was January 2011.
**** Almost four years later and I’ve got to be honest… we’re struggling. We’ve had success. Amazing moments within our four walls. First gigs, last gigs, video shoots, EP release shows, benefit shows for causes like breast cancer awareness, anti-bullying campaigns, and suicide prevention, and bands reaching young new fans who are legitimately there for the MUSIC. But our success has been in ways you can’t measure in a bank account. Don’t get me wrong – we never expected to make a killing in an all-ages venue – no bar=no money. We get it. Ask my wife, she’ll tell you she works for music (and the occasional band t-shirt). And considering how we spent most weekends as young parents before this adventure I can safely say being at The Room is way more fun. Even for no pay. But we’re falling farther behind on the rent and other bills and the biggest problem of all is simply that no one knows we’re here.
**** That’s where Foo Fighters comes in. Come to The Room. There, I said it. You’ll be in New York all week and it’s not that far. For a moment, imagine what Foo Fighters in Brookfield could do to a place like The Room. You could do for the Room what The Ramones and Blondie did for CBGB’s or What Mötley Crüe or Alice Cooper did for the Wiskey. Come because you remember what it was like to be 15 and in a band trying to find a decent gig. Because along the way there have been people who’ve given you a chance. Come because your first band had a home at some local club, Or because it didn’t, and you wish a place like ours had been in your scene. Come to The Room because between sets we only play music by bands who play The Room and Foo Fighters isn’t in our playlist… YET.
**** Come because on our stage brand new bands play with and connect to artists who have battled the local scene or even toured the world for decades and there’s no class or reality show that can cover what they have to teach. Our stage has seen musicians as young as 9 and as old as dirt in the same night. We’re so damn proud of that. Come because you know it’s all about the music and any place that gets that is worth saving. 

Why Contact Foo Fighters?
**** Because I think more than anything else, you get it. Playing in pizza joints, barns in the heartland, small clubs in London under a pseudonym… and playing for as long as you can. You are aware. You appreciate what it is you have. It’s why I have so much respect for the band. We have been open for almost 4 years on a shoestring budget. In that time, we have just barely been able to get ourselves on the map. If we could get Foo Fighters to come out to CT and play a show here… Wow what that could do.

Foo Fighters – Live at The Room
**** I don’t want to have 1 less option for the next generation of songwritters or musicians. I am easy to get in contact with. 

Thank You so much – Vern Nickerson / Vern Room 
Email: TheRoomCT@yahoo.com 
Facebook – Vern Room – https://www.facebook.com/vern.room 

Please help us save The Room from becoming the next casualty. The music scene and the kids it serves need a place like The Room. We very much want to be here. Thanks so much.


Listen, I am as big a Foo Fighters fan as they come. They are one of my favorite bands of all time. I would love nothing more than to have the band play right here in my back yard in Connecticut. I’d be the first one camped outside The Room to get in. Though, while this is a great story and everything it comes across as kind of desperate and sad. Just seems a bit of a stretch for Dave and the boys. It’s not really what their about. The Richmond gig was legitimate die hard Foo Fighters fans. Grohl also has many ties to VA. He lived in that area for a long time. It was a positive experience for everyone involved. This seems almost like a guilt trip. Like Dave OWES these people a show at their venue or something. I get it. Support local music, save local venues, inspire the young generation and all that. I just don’t know if it’s the right way to get Dave and the Foo’s here to CT.

But you know what? Who knows. I said the same thing a year ago when I saw a bunch of geeks started a crowdfunding campaign in Richmond, VA to get the Foo Fighters to play there, and that became a reality last month.




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