Cool stuff for a couple of boys from Bridgeport. Nothing More, the new single from the Bridgeport-based rock band The Alternate Routes, was featured during the opening ceremonies at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. The song was “inspired by the work of our friends at Newtown Kindness,” according to the band’s YouTube site. The Nothing More single was also heard during the December 17th 2013 NCIS episode titled ‘Homesick.’ Alternate Routes is comprised of Bridgeport musicians, vocalist Tim Warren and guitarist Eric Donnelly.

“The video is old 8mm home movie footage of Tim’s sister Katie. We hope you enjoy the song and would love it if you made a video of your own footage (new or old) and sync it up with Nothing More to share with friends and share with us.”

[youtube_sc url=”9tXzlVjU1xs”]

Band bio:

The Alternate Routes is an American rock band who’ve been writing songs, playing shows, and touring in their trusty Ford Econoline Van for over a decade. Comprised of vocalist Tim Warren and guitarist Eric Donnelly, these Connecticut boys have brought their music to venues across the U.S., Canada and Europe, and spend a great deal of time writing and recording in their home away from home, Nashville.

Taking pride in their unique sound and versatility, The Alternate Routes are equally comfortable getting loud as a six piece in a rock club, or stripping things down as an acoustic duo for theaters and intimate venues. “I think that is our best quality. Some say it is our biggest weakness, but I think we genuinely enjoy all of those situations, so that is what we write,” says Donnelly.

More than a decade into a career that has thrived through changing record labels, shifting lineups, and the many highs and lows that come with life on the road, The Alternate Routes remain committed to focusing on the things they can control, forgetting about the things they can’t, and doing what they do best. “Tim has a big voice, and I play a big guitar. That’s what we do. All these years later that’s the only thing that hasn’t changed.

Watch the song being used in the opening ceremonies HERE

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