Look down. Go on, do it.

Do you see that couch you are sitting on? You do? Good. Now ask yourself, “Are my hind parts as comfortable as they possibly could be?”

If the answer is anything short of “100%, absolutely, it’s like sitting on a cloud made of 10,000-count golden thread,” then you’ve got some improvements to make, my friend.

But hey, not having the most comfortable furniture possible isn’t your fault. It just means that you probably haven’t heard of Spector Furniture in Ansonia before. That’s kind of your fault since they’ve been in business for 125 years, but we won’t hold it against you. We’ll just help resolve that little issue.

If you’re tired of having to go into a furniture store with a “game plan” or working the “good cop, bad cop” routine with a partner as a way to bring a salesman’s price down, Spector is the place for you. As a store that has been family owned and operated forever, they have made a point to institute and maintain an atmosphere of comfort. Customers don’t feel pressure to make a purchase. They can hem and haw and ask as many questions as they want – Spector’s staff will always have the answer.

Of course, once you see the quality of furniture in the store, it will be hard to say no. But do not fear – your purchase does not mark the end of your relationship with Spector. The customer service they offer is top notch and then some. Free delivery? Check. Complimentary set up of new furniture? Oh yeah. Removal of old furniture at no charge? Boo ya. Easy and affordable payment plans? No doubt.

By the time you’re done with your shopping and delivery experience at Spector Furniture, you’ll be wondering why you feel so relaxed: Is it just the new couch or could it be the impeccable, stress-free service you just received from a family-owned furniture store with 125 years of experience?

Yeah, you’re probably right: It’s both.

Photo via Facebook/Spector Furniture

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