Welcome to my new feature “Spotlight on CT”, where I will search YouTube for CT based videos with little to no views and post them in an effort to share the love. I might pick a video because it is particularly cringe-inducing. Or a vid might make the cut because it is awesome. It will really depend on my mood so you never know what might show up.

The first entry is from Skate West Hartford. This skateboarding channel from West Hartford was started one week ago and has this single video. It is :60 of shaky-cam footage of teens shredding the streets of West Hartford. As I write this it has 15 views. Let’s help these young upstarts out and see if we can’t get them over 20 views.

A few notes for Jon, Jose, Alex, Chris and Noah.

-Please use better music.

-Up your game. I need to see some Skate or Die! shit in your next video. I mean, I can’t ollie but I feel like I might be able to make it down those stairs. I’m not asking for a Backside 450 but give me a rail slide at least!

-Get out of the damn road! Seriously.

-Wear a helmet. One good smack and you are a vegetable. Protect your dome.

I am willing to give these guys a pass for now since this is their first video and it very well could just be filler until they get done in the editing bay with their magnum opus. I’ll check back in a few months to see if they took my advice.

Via YouTube

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