In 2016, most of us will probably spend less time in the movie theater and more time streaming movies and TV shows at home. Such is the way of technology.

But even as I spend 90 percent of my time staring at a phone or laptop screen thanks to on-demand, streaming video, I was pretty excited to learn that Connecticut still has something special for those of us in a Throwback Thursday kind of mood.

That’s right: Connecticut is home to quite a few drive-in movie theaters! And, unlike a regular movie theater and the prospect of $6 popcorn, the drive-ins have me excited!

Whether it’s the still-reasonable prices, the retro feel, or just the chance to watch a movie without people talking behind you or fighting over arm rests with the over zealous stranger to your left, drive-in season in Connecticut is something we all should look forward to.

And the best news is that drive-in season is officially here, according to The Hartford Courant. Susan Dunne was kind enough to catalog the opening plans for several drive-in movie theaters across Connecticut, including one opening today.

Frankly, I can’t imagine a cooler thing to do on a Thursday or Friday night. Many of us will want to see the big summer blockbusters and that will most likely mean searching for the perfect showing time to balance crowds with convenience, waiting in line for tickets, and struggling to find enough seats for our groups.

I’m over all that nonsense. Nothing beats the convenience of driving up to a place, rolling down your window, asking for something and getting it, all without unbuckling your seat belt.

I’ve never been to a drive-in movie theater before, but you can bet I will this summer. Batman v. Superman from the comfort of my own car? Yes please.

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