Do you think DiMare Pastry Shop has a shot of becoming Best Bakery in America?  If you think so, then you better vote before it’s too late.

Hey Stamford says DiMare is one step closer to securing national bragging rights.  The 42-year-old shop could become Dawn Food’s next winner of the Sweetest Bakery in America Contest.  So far, it achieved the most votes in the state.

However, it needs more support to crack the top 10.

DiMare is no stranger to winning awards.  Actually, it consistently wins some of the most coveted titles in Fairfield County.  Among them is a litany from the highly competitive Best of the Gold Coast Awards.

DiMare’s wedding cakes, bakes, and desserts consistently dominate their respective categories.  And no wonder, have you SEEN their menu (and photos of aforementioned sweets?  Omg.)

They also triumphed in The Knot, the #1 online wedding database for brides.   For five years running, the pastry shop appeared on the site’s Best of Weddings Awards and won several accolades.

DiMare also won best bakery in Fairfield County 4 years in a row on CT Now.

So, why is the Dawn Food’s Sweetest Bakery in America Contest such a huge deal?  Well, Dawn Foods is the one of the nation’s leading bakery suppliers.  The century old business also a leading baking manufacturer, too.  So, they are somewhat of the leading authority on what makes a good bake.

Meaning, if DiMare wins the contest, they literally win the name Best Bakery in America.  AKA Ultimate bragging rights.

And they WANT to win… bad!  So much so they will reward you for voting for them.  Yep!

If you want free goodies, stop by their locations either in Stamford or Greenwich and fill out a ballot.  Once you do, they’ll hand you a free mini-pastry.  However, you just might be enticed to buy a full-sized pastry to go along with your free mini.

But, if that’s too far of a drive and still want to help, you can do so by clicking this link HERE.  Dawn Foods encourages you to vote as many times as you like, as long as its once per day.  You have until July 31st to get your votes in.

As of right now, the bakery to beat is Nina’s Fresh Bakery based in Florida.  But, I KNOW DiMare’s can take the top spot if we rally behind ’em.

It’d be really sweet, no pun intended, if CT was home to Americas best bakery.  Wouldn’t you agree?

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