For the past few years, Starbucks has always released a limited edition Frappuccino drink for Halloween. In past years, it has been the Frapula — a delicious mixture of vanilla creme, some chocolate and some “blood” — aka raspberry syrup.

This year, Starbucks decided to shake things up, and the Frapula will not be making its annual return. Instead, Starbucks is introducing the Dracula Frappucino.

Now, I have yet to try it, but the drink seems pretty interesting. According to my Starbucks app, it describes it as having Apple and caramel flavors. Yum. I absolutely love the sound of that already. And, of course add some whipped cream right on top.

However, this drink does look pretty cool, and is definitely something worth sharing on your social media. The drink is green, and has ‘blood’ dripping from the top.  And the whipped cream is pink, and made to look like brains.

Woah, now that sounds pretty cool.

Personally, I think that it is following in the footsteps of the Unicorn Frappuccino that took the by storm Internet back in April.  Unlike the unicorn Frappuccino though, this actually sounds delicious.

Grab this limited edition drink while you can — it’s only here while supplies last. So, if you’re getting sick of the PSL, maybe this is worth the try.

Have you tried it? If so, what do you think?

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