It’s the Unicorn Frappuccino all over again.  But, maybe, this one might actually taste good.  Actually, it will taste amazing!

Fox 61 reports that Starbucks unveiled their ultra-limited and delicious Crystal Ball Frappuccino.  And, honestly, it sounds like so much fun!  It combines mystery, fun, luck, and adventure all into one delicious new drink.

First of all, Starbucks tapped a pretty delicious flavor for their new creation: peach.  Yeah, nothing says “spring” louder than biting into a fresh juicy peach.

However, taste is only one part of the frap experience.  They also decorated this drink to the 9’s. It looks ridiculously pretty.

This blended beverage styles a marbled look of white and turquoise swirls.  It  also comes bedazzled with multi-colored sprinkles.

The sprinkles, surprisingly, will tell your future.  Depending on how much of a color you get, your fortune can go either way:

Blue stands for adventure, green is luck, and purple means “magic, wonder and enchantment in your future.”  So definitely pay attention to the color on top of your peach flavored whipped cream!

Starbucks adds:

“Only the fates can decide which color is revealed. The customer will not know which color of candy gem will top the beverage.”

So, they definitely want you to Instagram the absolute crap out of their new frappuccino.  So have your camera ready when the barista hands your drink over because you’ll definitely want to dive right in.

Who doesn’t want to contribute to a defacto trending hashtag?  Yeah, welcome to the

We predict people will love this drink because it looks cute and it supposedly tastes amazing.

However, this peach-flavored drink is only available for the next four days.  So, if you want to taste it… hurry up!

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