My parents were nervous about a lot of things. This ranges from constant door locking, shutting the garage so animals wouldn’t get in, and leaving their only son home alone. It wasn’t that I was a bad kid or even likely to have people over and pound a hundred beers – it was mostly out of safety.  Their nervousness ranged from fire to roving gangs that might kidnap me. To this end, I don’t think I was allowed to stay home alone until I was 14.

The state of Connecticut has no laws telling parents when they can leave their kid by themselves. This is the same state that has ALL sorts of restrictions on car seats but zero for home alone.

They do have a number of suggestions on what to do but the state says if you think your 6-year-old can handle the house, then go wild.

Personally, I’m against any laws that get in the way of our lives but this seems “child seatbelt” law like to me. A rule that says “kid has to be 12” makes sense when a large number of parents, to put it lightly, aren’t that bright. It is certainly much easier to go on your Tinder date and leave your 8-year-old home alone then it is to pay a babysitter, but someone has to say “hold up! Wait a second.”

The law should work that if you leave your under-12 child home alone and they have to call 911 for any reason, then you pay 500 dollars. If something bigger happens and involves fire trucks or ambulances, you should have to pay the cost associated with this.

If nothing happens, then you win and you beat the system.  

My advice to you is pay the 15 bucks an hour for the babysitter and then none of us have to worry.

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