Did you know that Thanksgiving is the fifth worst holiday for traffic fatalities?  Wearing a seat belt could have prevented half of those fatalities.  Last year, seat belts saved an estimated 13,941 lives.  That’s why State and local police are out in full force on the roads.

CT Post reports that driving without a seat belt will cost you dearly.  This also extends to front seat passengers.  On Monday, police units kicked off their national “Click It or Ticket” campaign, which increases patrols to catch unsafe drivers.   This highly aggressive effort will run until Sunday.

If police pull you over for failing to wear a seat belt, you’ll pay a $92 fine.  Minimum.

However, the biggest crackdown officially started as of midnight.   State Police officially announced:

“Across the state, troopers will patrol roads and highways across Connecticut, and will focus on aggressive drivers, unsafe drivers, and drunk drivers.  Troopers are committed to reducing crashes through preventive enforcement initiatives such as roving DUI patrols.”

They also laid out several laws for all residents to follow.

“Don’t follow too close, drive the speed limit, stay off your cell phone while driving and, if you drink, then please do not drive.”

If you don’t want to deal with a hefty fine or a strike on your license, follow these simple guidelines.  Marked and unmarked cruises will pepper local highways and highly traveled roads until 11:59 Sunday night.

On top of that, police said to look out for a heavy flow of college students driving home for the holidays.   They also urged parents to communicate with their children about the increased risk on the roads:

“Residents should remind all young people, especially college students returning home for the holiday weekend, of the laws regarding alcohol consumption and drinking and driving.”

Drunk driving remains one of the biggest problems on the road.  In order to crack down on unnecessary fatalities, state and local police announced a swath of DUI checkpoints going up around the state.

On top of that, police encourage you to call 911 immediately if you notice a suspected drunk driver.  They request that you provide their license plate and location to allow officers the best chance of stopping them.

AAA predicts that today’s holiday travel is the largest it’s been in over a decade.  Nearly nearly 90 percent of the 51 million Americans traveling somewhere for Thanksgiving will drive.  That’s a 3 percent increase over 2016’s record number.

AAA says an improved economy and stable gas prices inspired this traffic boom.  Due to this, police and traffic experts say it’s imperative that you remain alert at all times as you drive.

Will you stay in Connecticut for the holidays?  If not, where’s your favorite place to go for Thanksgiving?  Either way, stay safe on the roads and watch out for cruisers, because they’re watching you!

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