Connecticut is definitely one of the most expensive states to live in. However, things might have the potential to go up even more as legislators are proposing for a sales tax increase and a dining tax.

Wait, what?

According to an article on WTNH entitled “Restaurants Fighting Against “Dining Tax,”” Speaker of the House Joe Aresimowicz and House Majority leader Matt Ritter are “actively pushing” to increase the state sales tax to 6.99 percent. In addition, they are also proposing a local dining option that can increase the sales tax to 7.99 percent in some communities. This would apply to all restaurants, bars, and fast food places. The article went onto state the reason for this increase is to “raise cash for financially strapped cities.”

While I can see the benefits of this, I still think this is downright ridiculous. If this were to go through, it would be nearly a .64 percent increase. And, that’s quite a bit. While I wouldn’t feel the pinch when I’m buying small items like iced coffee or pens, I could definitely feel it when it comes time to buy Christmas gifts and electronics. And, I am sure that I will definitely feel it when I go out to eat, as it will be a 1.64 percent increase.

I get it, though. The budget is a mess. After all, it has been 24 days and it doesn’t look like there’s a budget in place. We have a deficit, and the money has got to come from somewhere to make up for it. Raising the sales tax is a good way to generate funds missing.

But, there are many drawbacks upon doing so. For instance, if you make a dining tax, it will become too expensive to eat. Therefore, there will be less people going out to eat, which will in turn will affect businesses since there will be less diners. Another drawback is by raising the sales tax, you’ll have less people shopping. Therefore, that will generate even less funds from the state than you already have. Which, in my opinion, will end up being worse than it already is.

The bottom line is that Connecticut residents are asked to pay too much.

Lawmakers, I ask that you think twice about the many effects that this proposal will have before passing it. Think about your state, and think about the effects it will have on local businesses. Yes, I know I don’t have any experience passing a budget, but I know that raising every sales tax and adding new ones isn’t the way to go.


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