You’ve probably heard by now, but 2017 is basically going to be the worst tick year Connecticut has ever seen. A warm winter has tick populations on the rise, an unusually high number of them are testing positive for Lyme Disease, and there is even a new tick-borne virus out there called the Powassen Virus. Scary times for literally anyone who leaves their house.

But the good news is that it doesn’t have to be. As long as you mindful of the increased risks and take steps to prevent tick bites, you can still enjoy the outdoors relatively worry-free. And to help make sure you’re taking those steps, we got some help from the pest experts at Envirocare Pest Control, who provide pest extermination and prevention services throughout central and southern Connecticut.

According to them, here is what you need to do to prevent tick bites and stay safe:

-Wear long pants tucked into socks when hiking or doing yard work

-Know the difference between a deer tick and a dog tick

-Judiciously use properly labeled bug sprays around your ankles and behind the knee

-After you, your kids, or your pets spend time outside, perform a full body tick check

-Know that even professional tick sprays are not 100% – always do tick checks even if your yard is treated

-Envirocare recommends that you use pesticide treatments over organic treatment options as the residual and effectiveness of these products is proven and more effective over the long term

So take the necessary precautions this spring and summer, check you and your family and your pets for ticks, and stay safe and healthy!

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