Stephanie Seymour had her day in court today. The outrageously beautiful supermodel faced the judge for her DUI arrest that happened on January 15th. Apparently, Stephanie got a little confused coming off of 95 in Greenwich and tried to reverse her car on the exit ramp. She then hit another car.

BUTTT…that’s not all folks! Police went to investigate another area in Greenwich where a utility pole had been damaged. They found remnants of Stephanie’s car on the pole and damage on the front of Ms. Seymour’s car matched the incident. This just has “troubled hollywood starlet” written all over it. Stephanie was additionally charged with “leaving the scene of an accident” (something Lindsay Lohan knows all too well).

Let’s be real though. Do you think this rich supermodel got in any kind of considerable trouble today in court? No. She has to take an ” Alcohol Education Program” and after she passes that course, all charges will be dropped.

Advice to Stephanie? Don’t mess up this opportunity to make good. And PLEASE hire a freakin’ limo or driver. I MEAN COME ON!! You have money. Use it so you can get drunk safely.

Stephanie Seymour is due back in court April 4th.

I must admit though, the girl knows how to put a courtroom outfit together:

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