The legendary Steve-O is bringing his stand-up show to Bridgeport, to Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory. He talked with me about his journey from Jack-Ass to stand up comedy, to how he rolled around in rocket fuel and nearly died because of it, and so much more.

His stand up show isn’t like a traditional show, where he shows content that is specific and never before seen.

Steve-O is a profound animal advocate, and plans to open up an animal sanctuary at his home in California. “I plan to get more animals, chickens, goats, whatever. I just love animals and want to help out as much as I can.”

Always one to push the extreme, he talked about the time he got the most hurt during a stunt.

“My guys dumped a ton of jet fuel on the ground in my room. I was doing snow angels in jet fuel, and when they lit it, my thought was that I was going to die.”

You can see Steve-O when he brings his show to Connecticut, Vinnie Brand’s Stress Factory this weekend. Tickets still available here.

Check out the full interview below!

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