You are probably familiar with Steve-O in one way or another. Most likely, that way is via Jackass, where he performed any number of crazy stunts with his friends. But he’s also appeared on Comedy Central Roasts, written a New York Times best seller, been on Howard Stern, and acted in various TV shows and movies.

img956049Now, you can add stand up comedy to the list. Steve-O just released his first hour-long comedy special and is taking The End of the World Tour on the road to show off his comedy and variety show. On October 1, The End of the World Tour stops in Connecticut at Foxwoods Resort and Casino. Tickets are still available and can be purchased here.

To get a sense of what you might expect as well as to dabble in a little Jackass nostalgia, we asked Steve-O to look back on his craziest stunts and give us 10 of them along with a blurb about what he thinks about them now. Check it out:

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