Praise be!  With longer work hours and the holidays coming up, more of us have even less time to buy our groceries.   So, that’s why Stew Leonard’s decided to join the grocery delivery game.  Because they want to make our lives easier!

Newtown Daily Voice reports that the grocery chain partnered up with Instacart, a nationally leading delivery service.  If you so happen to live within 20 to 30 minutes of a Stew Leonard’s, feel free to take advantage of their new service.

With that radius, it means they’ll serve around 365,000 households.  If you want to see if you’re one of them, click HERE and punch in your zip code.  You can download the Instacart app and find out through that, too.

Once they give you the green light, go ahead and fill up your virtual shopping cart with everything you need.   The Instacart staff will personally pick out and pack up your order for deliver.    When that’s over, they’ll send it over during the time you specify.

On top of same day delivery, you can also pick when you want your groceries to arrive.  Such as choosing to have them delivered within an hour or two.  But, if you’re a type A personality, they also allow you to place your order and have it delivered up to 7 days ahead of time.  Pre-Thanksgiving Day shopping, anyone?

As for what goes into your  virtual cart, Stew Leonard’s says… everything.  Their dairy, bread, desserts, gourmet selections, and vegetables are ripe for the taking.

Better yet, here’s your chance to save serious cash.  If you place an order through the new app by February 1st using the code “stewsexpress,” they will give you free delivery on orders over $35 for up to a year.

Sounds like a beautiful plan to me.

So, are you a person who has to hand pick all their groceries or are you willing to give this new delivery service a try?

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