With anywhere from 6 inches to two feet of snow on the ground across Connecticut, the hot takes hating on winter are pouring in. It’s cold. The air hurts. The snow makes it impossible to do anything or go anywhere. We have to shovel. It’s all around miserable.

And the winter hate is easy to understand. All the above complaints are true. But here’s the rub, summer-lovers: All your hot takes won’t melt the snow or make winter go away.

No, here in Connecticut, winter is here to stay forever and ever. We live in a place with seasons, and that’s the simple fact of it all. We get to smell the fresh flowers blooming in spring. We get to enjoy the warmth and sunshine of summer. We get to watch the leaves change to beautiful colors every fall. And, inevitably, we get to watch the mercury in our thermometers plummet and snowflake after snowflake pile up on the ground.

So as long as it’s coming at us year after year, maybe we should start accepting the fact that winter isn’t a reason to complain. It’s the best season we have.

Think about it.

During spring, it rains. Rain is the worst weather. It ruins being outside without contributing anything. There’s no snow to play in. You’re just stuck being indoors or being wet.

During summer, it’s hot. When it’s cold, you can add layers and warm up. But when it’s hot, you can only take off so many clothes before you’re violated a whole bunch of laws. And nobody is happy sharing a jail cell with a naked sweaty guy in the heat of July.

During fall, the tourists descend. Leaf peepers crowd the streets, ask us nonsensical questions about quaint New England culture we don’t care about, and contribute nothing to society here.

But winter is our time. Winter is a time when no one comes here to bother us. The precipitation that falls from the sky is useful in some way – we can build snowmen, have snowball fights, go skiing, or bust out the sleds and hit the local hills. And when you’re done playing in the snow, there’s nothing more romantic and idealistic than wrapping yourself in blankets, curling up by a fireplace with a cup of hot chocolate, and looking out the window at a pristine, snow-covered New England landscape.

And even when winter isn’t easy, it’s uniquely valuable. All that snow, all that shoveling, all the cold air – it’s what makes New England’s identity. Do you think Connecticut got it’s strong, hard-working, tough mentality by sitting on the beach and catching waves? Heck no! We are who we are because we don’t let anything stop us. We shovel ourselves out of two-foot snowfalls, start up the car, and get to work like nothing happened.

So as you’re shoveling out your driveway today, stop complaining in your head for a few minutes and look around. All that snow on the ground? All your neighbors shoveling their way out right alongside you? That crisp smell in the air that reminds you of fireplaces and hot cocoa? Those moments are ours and no one else’s. Because a Connecticut winter is ours, and no one else’s. And that’s something to be proud of.


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