Fads: those things we find, love intensely, and forget faster than the season is long.

The first of the year and most recent example is Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino. The Frappuccino, was sold on limited release last week, is a colorful concoction of juices, ice, and pastel color changing food dies. Naturally, something both photogenic and edible went viral overnight. It was everywhere, filling our news feeds with purple, pink, and blue whimsy, incensing employees, and sparking a lot of curiosity. If, like many, you are disappointed to have missed the limited release, you may have done yourself a favor.

The Stratford Health Department called out the drink for its high sugar content (which at 59 grams is twice the recommended amount). While this information is certainly less than shocking; it is still a good reminder to seek out calorie and ingredient information, even when it’s not visible. Most restaurants have the information on hand, or know where to get it. Starbucks, like many, has their nutritional information online.

You may have missed out on this short lived spring time fad, but the good news is: as soon as one starts to fizzle, another is sure to take its place.

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