Can we all admit that we’re just a little too stressed lately?  Yes?  Well, that’s a relief because I know I am dangerously close to sprouting my first gray hair.

I know, a woman’s worst fear.  Next to wrinkles.  And cellulite.  And turning 30.

Moving along, now.  So, sometimes you need a break from the crazy in order to refresh your mind and unwind.  I mean, this place technically claims the title of “most stressed state” in America.

So, naturally, Connecticut offers several options for you to take that brain vacation.

There’s a salt cave in Ridgefield, goat yoga in Monroe, beautiful cascading waterfalls in Kent, and a myriad of other opportunities.

Heck, sometimes a trip down the good ol’ YouTube rabbit hole can cure whatever ails you.  YouTube tends to be the Internet playground for stressed individuals.

But, sometimes you need to stimulate all your senses to truly unravel from a stressful day.  You need to see and breathe in nature to finally feel at peace.

So, look no further than Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth.  Imagine, the scientifically proven most peaceful scent in the world wafting in one aromatic space.   On top of that, you can soak in the gorgeous sight of a field of 9,000 purple flowers gently swaying in the wind.

Come on, that’s the perfect meditative image.

So much so, in fact, people claim their blood pressure drops and their heartbeat slows whenever they visit. There’s so many things going for this little farm, it’s practically the perfect storm of peace.

On top of everything, Killingworth has the luxury of basically being in the middle of nowhere.  It’s an area far removed from any major noise pollution.  No highways, airports, screaming neighbors, or major shopping areas for miles and miles.  So, you can finally experience true peace and quiet.  Plus, it contains that small town charm that we Nutmeggers go gaga for.

No, seriously, there’s a gas station that sells candy, groceries, pet food, and lobsters.  Because there’s no local grocery store.  But it does have a ton of historic houses dating back to the 1700’s that you can admire as you drive to Lavender Pond Farm.

Plus, it’s on Roast Meat Hill Road, AKA the stangest named street in America.  If you need a laugh, ask around as to why that road earned its name.

All in all, this place seems downright magical.  It smells like serenity, looks like peace, and sounds like tranquility.   It sounds like a stretch, but once your tires touch their gravel driveway, you’ll understand what I mean.

So, even if you might feel too stressed to function, let this be your sanctuary.  Your oasis, as you might say.   Your mind and body will thank you.

Don’t forget to take home a sachet of lavender or dip your hands into their basket of dried lavender.  The scent will follow you all the way home.

So, where’s your go-to de-stressing destination?  Or, will you give Lavender Pond Farms a shot to finally give you that coveted peace of mind?

Check out their official video and tell me this doesn’t interest you.  I dare you.


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