Call it excessive punishment or whatever, but when you’re representing a nationally recognized institution, you need to hold yourself to a higher standard.  For example: it’s probably not a good idea to flip off a television camera.

CT Post says that Noriana Radwan is suing UConn for taking away her scholarship after she flipped off an ESPNU camera.  She calls the punishment “excessive” and seeks monetary damages.

The former soccer player made the gesture in 2014 while celebrating her team’s narrow defeat of the University of South Florida at the American Athletic Conference championship.  Problem was, the cameras were live.  VERY live.  Obviously, the clip went viral and UConn was at the receiving end of an onslaught of public outrage

Radwan says she was suspended from the 2014 NCAA tournament, which should have been punishment enough. However, UConn quietly revoked her scholarship after the publicity died down.

Radwan claims there was no due process, so the decision is illegal.  She also says she wrote an apology to the UConn, but the school didn’t acknowledge it.

Radwan now plays for Hofstra University, which offered her a partial athletic scholarship.

Radwan’s attorney, Greg Tarone, says this case also questions how UConn punishes its athletes.

Tarone says the University favors its male athletes and a perfect example of that is  Brian Cespedes, a freshman on the school’s football team.  Cespedes was arrested and charged with two misdemeanors in September.  Despite that, UConn allowed him to remain on the team.  Tarone says he has more examples of male athletes getting a slap on the wrist.

Radwan’s lawyer says, “What she really wants is to make sure something like this does not happen to any other young woman.”

Does Radwan bring up a legitimate concern?  Sure!  But is that enough to clear her name?  Heck no.  I mean, there’s plenty of professional athletes who wound up OWING money for giving the one finger salute.

Remember when Bruins defenseman Andrew Ference had to cough up $2,500?   Or the $5,000 Browns punter Chris Gardocki had to give the NFL?

Or, how about that $40,000 check Chuck Cecil had to write out to Roger Goodell?

What I am saying is, every athlete caught flipping the bird pays the price.  Radwan paid hers


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