Hooray, another top 5 we can’t wait to be proud of!  Quick. someone pop the champagne before our government enacts another uncorking fee.

A new top 10 list is out and we can already hear the tires squealing in protest.  A new study created by TRIP finds that Connecticut is the 5th worst state for structurally deficient bridges.  TRIP explains that to be considered deficient, bridges must “show significant signs of deterioration as a result of use and exposure” and require “immediate rehabilitation to remain open, is restricted to carrying lighter-weight vehicles or is closed.”

With a good chunk of our bridges getting up there in age, which supposedly are meant to have a lifespan of 50 years or so, it can be assumed that several of them will be undergoing rehabilitation or complete replacement relatively soon.  Kinda like the Q bridge… which has been undergoing construction longer than it took the nation to defeat the Axis Powers in WWII.

So here we are, staring at yet another study that alludes we will all probably die historic on our own version of Fury Road.  First, dangerous roads, then dangerous drivers, now dangerous bridges!

WFSB reports that 7 percent of state bridges have been marked structurally deficient, which places us in 5th place in the top 10.  If you’re curious, we were beaten by: New York, Wyoming, West Virginia, and Rhode Island.

The bad news doesn’t stop there.  Our state’s terrible congestion ranks us 8th overall on TRIP’s study, citing that 60% of our urban interstates experience heavy delays during peak hours.   Part of that particular problem can be placed on the large commercial trucks barreling through the state, along with a spike in more people behind the wheel and even longer commutes.

So, congrats on being terrible at yet another thing, Connecticut.  Our misaligned wheels thank you.


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