I found this company online because they have done a giant slip n’ slide in New York City and around the U.S. for a couple summers. BUT NOW.. they’re coming to CONNECTICUT!

They’re also bringing the huge slip n’ slide to Europe this summer too, so it’s safe to say this company, “Slide The City” is doing well.

As they should be! The whole concept is cool. Put a giant slip n’ slide in the middle of a major city and allow everyone to enjoy it? Amazing. It’s “1000 feet of slick vinyl”. That’s the “size of 3 football fields”.

Just imagine yourself, slipping n’ sliding 1000 feet in the summer heat? I cannot wait!

To buy tickets to the Stamford one, click here.

Bridgeport, is here

Also Waterbury!

this slip n’ slide is going all over the state!

The website also says New Haven is “coming soon” too!


via Slide the City Facebook

via Slide the City Facebook

Images: Slide the City Facebook

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