I kinda got over frappuccinos once I became old enough to know that they really are just glorified milkshakes…BUT I may just have to try this new, limited edition frap that Starbucks is coming out with April 28th.

S’MORES FRAPPUCCINO!? Graham cracker. chocolate. marshmallow. OH MY! Here is the description: “marshmallow-infused whipped cream and chocolate sauce, which is then blended with Graham cracker, coffee, milk and ice and is topped off with even more marshmallow whipped cream and Graham cracker crumbles”. Be still, my grumbling stomach.

And, of course, anything with “limited edition” on it just makes me want it even more (damn you marketing!). I guess bottles of it have already been available in stores though? That doesn’t sound appealing. I don’t want a bottle of S’Mores… I want a deliciously prepared frozen treat of it. But if anyone has tried the bottle S’More, please let us know what’s up, I’m curious.

One more thing about the new S’Mores Frappuccino…. Starbucks declines to say the calorie count in it…which leads me to believe that it is going to be even more awesome than any of us can imagine.


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