Wait… didn’t we have accumulating snow last week?  What even is this weather?  Well, in the spirit of a perpetually changing season, it looks like summer will come early this week.  As in, those fabled 80 degree days are finally back.

Fox 61 reports that our days spent sipping hot soup and powering through 40-degree days are over.  In fact, 50-degree weather is also taking a hike!

This comes as welcome news since everyone and their grandma wants to ditch their winter coats and hang them up in the closets for good.  May starts tomorrow, for crying out loud!

You know how badly I craved iced coffee but couldn’t because it was TOO COLD outside?  I know, I’m not the strongest person, but I am pretty smart.  Iced coffee should be refreshing and it’s only refreshing when you’re not shivering outside waiting in line for your aforementioned iced coffee.  Rant over.

With that said, the news we’ve long waited for is finally here.  Mother Nature got her act together and decided to act like spring.  Well… kinda.

True to her capricious nature, she won’t let us stay in one particular season for long.  In fact, by mid-week, it’ll feel like July!

Here’s how it’s gonna happen.  A storm system that swirled over much of the state will move out to sea tonight.  This system will suck up any remaining cold air, which will allow warmer weather to make its way into the state.

By Wednesday, some parts of CT might see 80-degree weather.  However, if that magic doesn’t happen then, Thursday will definitely be the day.

Already, forecasters promise temperatures around 81 for the shoreline and 88 inland on Thursday.  We could also see similar temperatures on Friday, but it’s still too early to tell for certain.

But, given Mother Nature’s erratic track record, I wouldn’t put it past her.  Heck, I don’t think anyone would be surprised if some CT town recorded temperatures in the 90’s this week!

The problem is, the weather hasn’t acted seasonally-appropriate for a long time.  Winter felt like spring and vice-versa.  Also, we endured four nor’easters in a row.  Nothing surprises us anymore.

And, considering the summer forecast predicts more rain and ticks than normal… yeah, we plan on enjoying these days while they’re here.  We’ve learned to appreciate nature’s small gifts because we know just how fleeting they are.

So, summer in spring?  Heck yeah we’ll take it!  That’s a far better bargain than dealing with one long cold and never-ending January.

What do you make of these rapidly changing weather conditions?   Do you think our summer will be just as crazy as our spring or do you think Mother Nature will cool her jets by then?

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