Still basking in the glow of tow championships it is easy to think things are perfect at UConn. One sorority has taken it upon themselves to prove that thought wrong.

The Delta Zeta chapter at UConn has been suspended for alleged hazing incidents. There are ports that DZ “made” men from a fraternity wear women’s undies, drink alcohol, paint their bodies and chow down on dog treats. I put made in quotation marks because how did they actually make them do any of this?

I don’t understand Greek culture and probably never will. I get wanting to be a part of a group and making friends, I just never wanted to jump through that many hoops for it. Hell, I haven’t tried that hard applying for jobs, why would I in an effort to make friends? Maybe these guys were just trying to get laid? I know I did some dumb shit in the pursuit of carnal knowledge but eating Milk Bones fails to make that list.

DZ is currently banned from hosting or taking part in chapter events while the investigation is ongoing. This comes after two other sororities were suspended in March because of alleged hazing.


Via CTPost

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