Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, Connecticut has gotten a lot of attention in recent months. They’ve added direct flights to Denver and LA, as well as international flights to Ireland. They’ve thrown their hat in the ring as a possible site for Connecticut’s third casino. Oh, and there was a moose on the loose there that gave state troopers a real headache.

But now they’re making headlines for a reason that might really help you out. Not only are they adding some new flights, but they’re adding them via Spirit Airlines, one of the cheapest airlines hurtling through the skies nowadays.

According to WTNH, Spirit Airlines will start offering direct flights to Orlando at the end of April. In June, they’ll add non-stop service to Fort Lauderdale. All of this on an airline with an average one-way fare of $50.

I don’t know about any of you, but $100 round trip flight to Florida seems pretty good right about now. And sure, you have to pay extra for things like a checked or carry-on bag, but with the way most airfares are going, it’s still a bargain.

All in all, there’s no way of avoiding the fact that this is yet another major victory for Bradley. The direct flights to Denver gave Connecticut residents access to the burgeoning pot tourism industry. Direct flights to Los Angeles gave us access to warm weather and beaches. Flights to Ireland gave us a chance to get a little international flavor. And now Spirit Airlines is giving us cheap flights.

Don’t look now, but Bradley is turning into a real airport! And honestly, it’s not all that surprising. People¬†hate having to deal with the hassle at New York, New Jersey, or Boston airports. The opportunity to fly out of a smaller airport that’s just as accessible is a no-brainer.

So casino or not, Bradley is on the rise. Book your flights early, people. Our little airport near Hartford is about to hit the big time.

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