I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning, except I am waiting for a bar to open up, and not presents. Grand Central station, the beautiful epicenter of train travel in NYC (sorry Penn Station, you’re gross) is going to open their super secret bar on Christmas Day. And this isn’t just ANY bar, this is a bar that will take you back to the roaring 20’s. Put on your flapper dresses and hand me a Manhattan, straight up!

The Campbell Apartment was originally built as an office for railroad tycoon John Campbell in 1923. This John guy seemed like quite a fella, because he turned it into his “man space”, adding instruments and inviting all of his closest friends and associates over for some fun time.

Now… we get to pretend we are friends with a railroad tycoon and step inside this little treasure of a room, but you gotta look nice. Wear some clothes your mother gave you. This is also special because it’s never been open on Christmas Day, which makes me think you really gotta be looking fine.

The only hint they’ve given about the location of the Campbell Apartment inside Grand Central is that it is located on the balcony. If you have been and know exactly how to get there, let us know!

Check out the digs:

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