Hard to think that someone out there bears an even stronger flame of hatred for our state than Wallethub.  Sure, that site throws us a bone once in awhile. But, mostly, they love talking smack about our financial mess. However, their disapproval is no match to the national slight T-Mobile launched against us.

Okay, so this story comes from an eagle-eyed Redditor named ApacheAH-64A.  While watching a T-Mobile ad about their “Netflix On Us” special, he caught a rather strange omission.  According to the cellular service, Connecticut doesn’t exist.  At all.

Yep.  While flashing a coverage map over Aziz Ansari’s adorable face, you’ll notice there’s a distinct lack of Connecticut and Long Island.

It reminds me of that time a girl I knew in high school freaked and cut her “best friend” out of all of her photos.  Yet still kept the photos up in her locker “to make a point.”  This is the vibe I’m getting right now.


According to this T-Mobile commercial, Connecticut doesn’t exist… from Connecticut

Interesting, right?  It seems too intentional to be a mistake.  Also, this is a NATIONAL commercial.  I mean, you can even see this mistake on their OFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL.

Well… was.  Maybe, after two weeks, they finally noticed their error.  Because, here’s the updated commercial that was uploaded late Thursday night.

Sure, some people joke that it’s because you get terrible service in CT if your carrier is T-Mobile.  Then again, CT has a penchant for dead zones, so we can agree our collective cellular service is terrible.

But, T-Mobile tends to get the worst reputation when it comes to dropped calls and no service.   I’m sure there’s several pockets around this state who have a total gap in coverage.

So, is this T-Mobile’s way of getting back at us?  Or, do they not even acknowledge CT since their service is practically nonexistent?

Did Verizon put them up to this?

No one will ever truly know.  But, I do find this map absolutely hilarious.  And a powerful statement about our sad state of affairs.

So, do you think this is all a mistake or was this intentional?  You decide.

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