Have you ever dreamed of owning a luxury car like a Lexus, Mercedes Benz, BMW, or Cadillac? Well now you can when you visit Car Factory Direct, and take part in their Quest for Trades event.

Car Factory Direct is home to hundreds of pre-owned trucks, SUVs, and luxury cars that come directly from the manufacturer or other dealerships – not the auction. Now Car Factory Direct wants to make you an offer to replenish their pre-owned stock.

If your car is 2008 or newer, Car Factory Direct will appraise it, and make you an offer as a part of their Quest for Trades event. You can even be eligible to take your share of the $500,000 Quest for Trades fund.

There are no strings attached and you can take your money to purchase a car from Car Factory Direct, or another dealership. You can start by visiting their website and clicking the “Make Me an Offer Now” button, and be on your way to owning you very own luxury car, without the big-ticket price. Also, view the video below for more information.

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