UPDATE: Back on January 31 of this year, I posted the article below. Well, someone somewhere of some importance must have read it, because it is coming after all – and way, WAY sooner than anyone would have thought. June 7, 2014, make sure you’re at the XL Center up in Hartford.

Anyone can put on a 5K. They happen all the time all over Connecticut. But a traditional 5K is old news – it doesn’t thrill anyone anymore. So what else can we do to get people fired up?

So, in the 21st century, 5K’s have evolved quite a bit – there are Color Runs (where you get paint thrown at you by volunteers). There are late-night Electric Runs (5K’s in the dark where you have neon lights lighting the way). There are Neon Runs (a combination of both Color and Electric). There are even Undie Runs (self-explanatory).

But the most unique of them all is the Zombie Run – and none moreso than the officially licensed “The Walking Dead Escape.” They started it at a few comic conventions about a year ago – basically, you run through a military evacuation zone, through a highway infested with walkers, an overrun hospital, and the prison – and it looks and sounds completely awesome. You can run through it as a human; you can be a zombie; you can actually do both if you really want to spend the money. So, the eternal question is – why not here?



We can do it in Connecticut. Rentschler Field has more than enough space – after all, the Electric Run is coming in August. So why not do it a month before in July when the ConnectiCon is in town?

How about Bridgeport? You’ve got Harbor Yard. And, for the first time ever, you’ve got the ComicConn happening at the Webster Bank Arena in August?

We’ve got the space. We’ve got the facilities. We just need someone to make this happen (or, at the very least, do a bootleg version of it).

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