I can’t imagine a better Friday than to have the ability to bring your dog to your job. While it’s just a fantasy for me since my dog isn’t interested in anything other than leaving her couch, Take Your Dog to Work Day is an actual holiday.

The day is always celebrated the Friday after Father’s Day, according to an article on ABC entitled Take Your Dog to Work Day: Ideas to Celebrate and Keep Your Dog (and co-workers) Safe. The article goes onto say the day was brought in the U.S. 20 years ago by Pet Sitters International. According to the article, it was founded as”a way to promote dog adoptions” by showing how great “companions” that dogs make.

And, let’s be honest here — dogs are some of the best companions around. How can you not be happy the second that you come in contact with a dog? I honestly don’t know. As a dog owner though, I’m a little biased.

So, how do you celebrate Take Your Dog To Work Day? Well, by bringing your dog to work, of course!

However, before you take your dog to work, be prepared. Check with your supervisor to make sure that it’s okay with them that you’re bringing your dog. And, depending on what you do, it might not be appropriate for you to bring your dog to the office.

Secondly, also make sure that no one in the office is allergic or afraid of dogs. After all, you don’t want to scare off your coworkers. Additionally, you should also ensure that your dog is okay with other dogs — especially if you’re not the only one who is bringing their pet in.

But, the preparation doesn’t end there. Make sure you come prepared as well when you have your furry friend. This includes having enough treats, doggy proofing your office, and taking your dog out for walks.

Additionally, having your puppy in the office has so many benefits. According to an article on Country Living entitled Bring Your Dog to Work Day 2018: 6 Great Benefits Of Taking Your Canine To Work, having your dog around reduces stress in the workplace, boosts team morale, and highlights work balance more effectively.

And, as a dog owner, I can attest to that. Whenever I’m in the presence of my dog Maggie, my mood is instantly uplifted.

With that being said, there are some companies that allow dogs in the offices 365 days a year. According to an article on Yahoo Finance entitled 15 Pet-Friendly Companies That Let Your Take Your Dog To Work, 8 percent of employers in the U.S. allow pets. Some of those companies include Amazon, Etsy, Google, and Bitly.

Whether your company allows you to have your best friend on hand or not, I hope that you all manage to celebrate with your furry friend. Even if it means an extra treat for them after hours.

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