Talk about your ultimate throwback. Flip phones are now making a comeback. Well, kind of — they now are a bit smarter than the Razr that has been sitting in your drawer for years.

Recently, Samsung announced the Galaxy Fold. According to an article entitled Samsung’s Bringing Back The Flip Phone So Let’s Revisit Some Classics on Pedestrian, this new device will “transform a smartphone into a tablet.” This, the article says, will transfer “any activity on the outside to its bigger display instantly.”

However, this is not the first smartphone with a foldable display. According to the article, a phone company called Royole debuted a FlexPai smartphone late last year.

And, while this device is a throwback to a much simpler time, it doesn’t come cheap. According to an article on Hot New Hip Hop entitled Samsung Announces “Galaxy Fold:” The $1,980 Flip Phone Of The Future, this device will cost you $1,980. Of course, this device will have a lot of features. These include a choice of five different colors, a 7.3 inch screen and 512 GB storage space. Furthermore, this phone also has 2 GB of RAM, and also supports 5G and LTE. However, this still is pretty pricey.

With that being said, the article said that the ultimate goal of the device was to revolutionize mobile phones. The article says that this is in response to those who believe that “thought telecommunications had it’s reached an end rope in innovation.”

So, like in fashion, all things make a comeback in technology as well. I mean, many often believe that the smart phone has reached a dead end in shape with its standard one piece, flat design.

However, with this new revolution in smart phones, I do know one thing — now we can slam our phones in frustration whenever we are upset.

And, who knows — maybe the Razr will be making a comeback next. Only time will tell.


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