Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus Live is coming to Bridgeport for the first time ever!

Friday August 26th at The Ballpark at Harbor Yard. If you plan on going to the show (which you totally should) you will see some of the most insane freestyle motocross and BMX tricks on the planet. You can still get tickets here.

Freestyle motocross rider Adam Jones will be one of the athletes flying high over Bridgeport at Nitro Circus Live. I got a chance to talk with Adam before he makes his way to Connecticut next week.

CT BOOM: Hey Adam, how’s the Nitro Circus Live tour going?

ADAM JONES: Good. Just getting done ridin’ for the day.

Is touring with Nitro Circus Live kinda like being on a wacky traveling summer camp?

Ha ha. In a sense. I guess a ‘wacky summer camp’ would be one way to describe it. We all have a blast doing this thing. We all hang out together, spend a lot of time together going from city to city.

Have you made a lot of friends on the tour or do you know everyone already?

No. I don’t have any friends.

Oh, I’m sorry. That’s sad.

None. (laughs)

Nah, I’m kidding. Most of all these guys on tour I’ve been touring with for a long ass time. They’re all people I’ve know and been friends with. There’s a couple guys that I didn’t know before this year so yeah so I guess you could say I’ve made some friends. But I’ve been on this tour for six years or so now so most of us have been buddies for a while.

You started out your career pretty young. Did you always know freestyle motocross was what you wanted to do as a career path?

Yeah definitely. When I was younger it was more racing though. Started riding when I was about ten years old. Started racing and I thought that’s what I wanted to do. I guess I never really put a lot of thought into it. I just knew I when I grew up I wanted to be a dirt bike rider ya know? I was good at doing tricks. Then there was just a point where… I don’t know whether it was racing wasn’t fun anymore, or I realized I didn’t have what the professional racers have, but either way a different door opened up and it led to freestyle motocross. I just followed that road and I ended up being pretty good at that.

You invented a trick call the “Cordova Flip”?



Adam Jones mid-Cordova flip. The trick he invented.

That’s cool! Is inventing a new trick no one has done before something you set out to do? Or does it just sort of happen when you’re doing another trick and you decide “well hey, that’s a new trick.”?

It’s off and on. There’s people who set out to say okay I have this trick in mind and I want to learn it. Then there’s other times when you just give something a go and it works. The trick that I invented, when I did do it, was a fairly easy time to invent that trick. Because all that was really happening was the trick we used to do ‘right side up’ we were started to figure out that we could do them as back flips. It was kind of the natural progression of where the sport was going at that time.

When you’re doing Nitro Circus Live what’s the biggest rush that you get from the live show?

Landing my tricks is always a good thing. There are certain tricks that scare me more than others. I don’t even know if you get a “rush” anymore. We’ve been doing this for so long that we normally try to be so calculated with everything. For me, if there is a trick I’m little scared of it’s more like anxious on the way up to a release on the other side. I don’t get that “rush” from doing this. It’s just what I do.

I’ve seen on your Instagram that you play a lot of golf. With Nitro Circus Live and freestyle motocross being so intense does golf sort of even things out and relax you?

(laughs) well of course, as anyone who plays golf knows, golf is not relaxing! It’s the most aggravating thing you can ever do in the world.

HA! Well that’s true. You’re not wrong. 

But yeah, I just started playing again. It’s been like ten years since I’ve played. I’m really getting into it now when I have more free time. A buddy of mine Mike Mason, who’s also on Nitro Circus Live, he’s a huge golfer. When we were in Cleveland I had some extra time and he was like “I got some old clubs let’s go golfin’!” So I got back into it and I’ve been having a blast. It’s a totally different thing yeah. It’s a totally different type of day just to go out without the risk of hurting yourself.


Ripping day of golf with @mike_mason81 and @mxbubbs today! Id say we all crushed our first shot on this par 3!

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  For people who are coming to the show in Bridgeport. If they’ve never been to Nitro Circus Live what can they expect?   For me the live show is top of the line. It’s the best show there is. I’ve been riding this tour for YEARS and I still enjoy watching it every time. There’s two sides of what we do. There’s the motocross side and then there’s the guys with no motors. Those guys are absolutely crazy. Always trying new things and trying to progress. It’s fun for me to watch it all still even after all these years. The show is… the way they put it all together and the way everything goes it’s amazing. For anybody to go there… I mean… if they can leave that show and say they’re bored… you know they’re lying. It’s a lot of action and great show.   With the popularity of motocross and action sports do you think motocross will ever get to the point where it will be in the Olympics someday?   Nah. Ha. I mean, I don’t think so. We kind of  have our own little thing you know? Action sports has a pretty great following, but these are all still kind of smaller sports. I don’t think there is a big enough following on any particular one [action sport] to say that it would be in such a premiere event like the Olympics. If it would happen that’d be great. But if not, I’m really content with what I’m doing.   Here in Connecticut we’re known for pizza, but I know you are really passionate about burritos. Where is the best burrito you’ve ever had in all your travels?   Dude. That’s tough to say. First of all, I know what you’re saying about the pizza. I grew up in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and I have an aunt in Connecticut so I know pizza is all anyone eats back there.   Ha ha! Oh nice. Yeah, we are obsessed with our pizza.    But as far as burritos go? I don’t know, I’ve had a lot of good ones in my day. I can’t tell you exactly which was the best one EVER, but I can tell you for consistency… I’m going for Chipotle.   Yum. They do make a good burrito.   Good every time.      


We are super excited for the show in Bridgeport on August 26th. Can’t wait to see you do your thing. 

Absolutely. So am I man. It’s gonna be a great show and I love bringing the stuff back to the east coast.

Thanks for talking to us Adam.

Alright man take care.

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