Jonesing for your tax refund to thaw out in Tahiti? Before you book the flight, your state refund could be delayed.

Department of Revenue Services Commissioner Kevin Sullivan (Connecticut’s tax man) says the agency will contact some taxpayers to verify that refund requests were actually filed by those taxpayers.

What’s going on?

Sullivan fears some identities could be compromised by rip-offs.

Said Sullivan, “While we want to get refunds into the hands of taxpayers as quickly as we can, recent events require that we implement new measures to ensure that refunds are not being stolen. We have been able to narrow a specific pool of questionable refunds to less than 1 percent of all of those requested. The final step is having taxpayers verify that they are the ones requesting the refund.”

The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) will issue verification letters to the taxpayer address on file instructing taxpayers to the official DRS website at Only taxpayers whose refund requests are in question will receive a letter.

“Earlier this month, DRS responded to some suspicious refund requests by circumventing direct deposit and sending checks to the taxpayer address we have on file, said Sullivan. “We have now received several calls and emails from individuals who said they did not file a 2014 Connecticut Income Tax Return, but got a check in the mail.”

Individuals who did not file a return, but received a check are asked to write “void” across the front of the check and mail it with a note of explanation to DRS at:
Connecticut Department of Revenue Services, SIS Division, 25 Sigourney Street Ste. 2, Hartford CT 06106

Taxpayers who try to file their income tax return and receive notification that a return has already been filed should contact the DRS Fraud Unit at 1-877-842-1441. They should also contact the IRS, the Federal Trade Commission, and their local police department to report the fraud.

Once you know your refund is safe and secure, book that flight to Tahiti. And take us with you!



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