Happy Throwback Thursday!

This week we celebrate with an amazing video of MGMT playing their now massive hit ‘Kids’ the Meriden Daffodil Festival in here in Connecticut back in 2004. The only people watching are random cheerleaders and a handful of a few parents trying to wrangle up their kids.

You’ll have to excuse the iffy quality of the video. Remember it was 2004. Things were different back then. You were lucky to have a camera on your phone never mind a VIDEO camera.



In the 11 years since this performance MGMT has of course gone on to have a tremendous career. This song specifically has been nominate for a Grammy, certified platinum here in the U.S. and Australia, gold in the U.K.,  and has been covered by pretty much everyone with a YouTube channel. Not bad for a few Wesleyan alums who used to crush at the Meriden Daffodil Festival.

As you can see from this Glastonbury festival performance in London last year where they played the same song to hundreds of thousands of fans, MGMT has come a long way since that spring afternoon in Meriden in 2004.



I am now on a mission to have them come back to the festival and recreate this moment. Who’s with me?!



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