And here we thought the Tide Pod challenge was something.  As it turns out, teens today found a new way to prove that they’re young and kinda reckless.  Now they moved on from poisoning themselves to the esteemed condom-snorting challenge.

Hartford Courant reports that the trend hit social media this week.  However, supposedly teens did this challenge for years on the sly. Participants unwrap a condom, stuff it in their nostril and inhale until it comes out from the back of their throat.

Yes, sounds like so much fun.  Hopefully they only choose to snort the flavored ones, amirite?

However, this challenge is far from harmless.

Bruce Lee, an associate professor at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, cautioned:

“The condom could easily get stuck in your nose or your throat, blocking your breathing or causing you to choke.”

Back in 2004, a woman accidentally inhaled a condom, which led to a collapsed lung and pneumonia.  But, only after she nearly choked to death.

Another case of accidental consumption reads that a piece of the condom migrated to the appendix, causing appendicitis.

However, both of these cases are pretty rare.  Then again, they were both accidents, too.  Still, it could happen if a participant isn’t careful.

Mostly, doctors caution parents to talk to their kids about the pressure of being cool online.  Kids nowadays feel that they can achieve popularity by partaking in silly challenges online.  They’ll do anything for likes, clicks, and new subscribers.

It’s an age old quest for popularity and fame.  We all did silly things as kids to impress people.  Don’t you dare deny it.

The problem is: the Internet fosters a new wave of creativity.  Long gone are the days of Parkour and doing cool song covers.

Also, never forget the Cinnamon Challenge.  That was also pretty risky.  However, now that kids turned to more dangerous stunts, it looks like childs’ play.

And, before you go off about how kids today are idiots, you should know that this challenge first manifested in 2007.   It really took off in 2013 when a young woman snorted a condom while blasting Taylor Swift’s “22.”

Newflash: Kids have always been stupid.  They do things that seem like a good idea at the time and, years later, realize that it really wasn’t.  I bet you still have memories about the dumb thing you did.

Hell, my dad told me a story about how he and his friends played in a gravel pit while backhoes and excavators were at work.  He and his friends slipped right into the path of a backhoe and nearly lost their legs from the knees down.

Lesson learned.

So, expect that the kids doing the condom-snorting challenge now cringing over the memory later in life.

Are we allowed to call this challenge stupid?  Of course!  But don’t fall into the trap of “kids these days” because people once thought the same thing about your generation.

“But I never ate tide pods and snorted condoms!”  You might say.  Which, granted, may be true.

But your generation also sniffed the glue that came with Balsa Wood Airplanes, which is why they were discontinued.  Your generation also stuck Rickie Tickie Stickers on valuable automobiles because they thought it was funny.

And if that’s not your generation, allow me to direct you to “The Choking Game.”  It was a thing 20 years ago.  Kids also participated in the hyperventilating challenge back in the 80’s.

The issue is that these challenges are more visible because of the Internet.  The condom-snorting challenge makes a good video that teens easily share with each other because it’s funny.

And, also, the talking heads on the national news syndicates that blow everything out of proportion.

So, yeah, this generation doesn’t have the monopoly on stupid.   (I mean, if you really want to know who does, look at our state for electing Malloy. Twice.)

We all know the phrase “let kids be kids.”

The responsibility falls to the parents to educate their kids on what is a good idea and what is a bad idea.  Also, giving them a pep talk about not succumbing to peer pressure would probably do the body good.

Teens still need guidance.  If their Jiminy Cricket is absent, then their moral compass won’t work the same way as a child with proactive parents.

Enough of the “Don’t do this condom-snorting challenge because I said so” and do more of the “So if you do this challenge, this will probably happen.”

We all know kids will do pretty much anything for attention.  The parents need to show them the correct and responsible way to attain that end goal.

Also, those of us over the age of 18 really need to stop this never-ending cycle of hating on kids because they did something you would “never do.”    Just shake your head, go “oh, they’re about to learn a lesson,” and go on with your life.

Their actions really don’t affect what happens during your day to day unless you allow it.  By that, I mean, allow the talking heads on the news to convince you that you SHOULD be outraged!

And, honestly, only a handful of teens did the condom-snorting challenge.  Same as the amount of kids that did the Tide Pod challenge.

It’s not an epidemic.  So, don’t let the actions of a few define an entire generation.  That attitude helps absolutely no one.

What dumb things did you do as a kid?

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