Connecticut is known for many great and wonderful things.  It is also known as tax-land and for its questionable voting practices.

But what does Connecticut do best that blows the other states right out of the water?  A recent Reddit thread tackled that exact argument and, well, I got to thinking.  What DOES Connecticut do better than its neighbors?

I set out and trekked the perilous interwebs in hopes of gleaning more valuable information.  It was my quest, my burden, to bear.  I had to further immerse myself into Connecticut to see what makes it tick and how it compares to other states.

Well, I also may or may not have issued a mass text to all my local friends and family members for the sake of journalism.

So, after much heated debate and researching, here’s the top ten things CT does better than our neighbors… complete with honorable mentions.  Feel free to submit your top ten, too.

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