Thanksgiving Turkey Debacle in Bridgeport

Thanksgiving Turkey Debacle in Bridgeport
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Sometimes when things happen you have no choice but to just shake your head in disbelief.  This was certainly the case in Bridgeport this past Thursday.  While families were starting to sit down with their loved ones to give thanks for each other and start their Thanksgiving feast, one man proudly was walking the Bridgeport streets to bring a cooked turkey and stuffing to his friends home.  Sadly, he was approached by a gunman who demanded that he give him his wallet… and the turkey.  Yes, a thief in Bridgeport stole a mans Thanksgiving turkey.

Can you imagine a masked man running down the streets of Bridgeport grasping a cooked turkey while stuffing flies through the air? That happened.

Police responded to the scene but could not retrieve the stolen turkey.  Police felt bad for the man and tried to call Stop and Shop to get the man a new turkey but they were out and it was too late to start cooking a turkey that late in the day.  So the police did the best they could and got them two turkey dinners from Boston Market.  Apparently the men were very thankful to the police for their efforts.

Am I the only one that simply refuses to believe that there’s people in Connecticut that are this mean?  Who steals a turkey from a person on Thanksgiving? Maybe steal a car, but a turkey?  Just seems ridiculous.  I hope that thief got stuck eating all the dark meat.



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